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Hymbas has been in business for over 19 years. We carry a number of health equipment products that we carefully research, test and are of superior quality. Our products are #1 in their category and rate high in customer satisfaction, quality, and stand out from the rest of the manufacturers. HYMBAS, is the worldwide distributor of the BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine  and OPTIMUM detox foot spas.  HYMBAS has sold to thousands of customers, both commercial & consumer. We are the industry leader for detox foot spas & rife frequency machine technology, education, and research.


Buyers Guide to Rife Frequency Machine
Buyers Guide to Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Can Rife Machine Help? After years of development and numerous of scientific experiments Rife Machine is more accepted than more on the Rife Machine

BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine: Rife Frequency Machine's technology improves every year more on Rife Frequency Machine

Is Rife a Treatment for Lyme? Lyme Disease is caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi, a spirochete bacteria similar to the bacteria that causes more on Lyme and Rife

Getting Your Own Rife Frequency Generator It is very important that the unit you choose has ray tubes. Royal R. Rife used ray tubes and so more on Rife Frequency Generator

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