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Do The Colors From A Foot Bath Detox Mean Anything?

After you've enjoyed your first Optimum Focus ion foot bath detox for the prescribed 35 minutes, you may notice something interesting. If you are using the product correctly, the water should change color, from the clear color you traditionally expect from water to an orange or brown color. You should not panic if you witness this, in fact, this is a natural and expected product of the detoxifying process.

Ionic Cleansing

Ionic cleansing is a detoxification method that works with the electrical impulses in your own body. There are no shakes to drink or pills to take. Just a natural process of ionization, which effectively means balancing the electricity in your cells. Foot Bath Detox works by filling your body with ions that counteract the abundance of positive ions that poor health practices and a toxic environment may have caused to be formed in your cells. The idea is to create a proper cell balance, without free radicals or the wrong kind of electrical cell makeup that can make you sick. The nice thing is that with the right equipment, achieving this is fairly simple.

What Do the Colors from the Foot Bath Detox Mean?

So what does it mean? One of the goals of a foot bath detox is to force impurities, toxins and heavy metals out of the body, so it is only natural that the water might take on a rust-colored appearance, but this is not necessarily what is responsible for the color change. Optimum has performed control tests that reveal that heavy metals are present in the water after a 35 minute ionic foot bath detox proving that toxins do come out of the body that were not present in the footbath water before the treatment. However oxidation is largely responsible for the rustic color change.

Cleanse at Home with an Foot Bath Detox

Fortunately, there is an alternative in the Optimum detox ion foot spa. Instead of shelling out a fortune every week for pricey spa treatments, buy your own Optimum Focus detox ion foot spa, copper footbath tub and Himalayan salts. Use the easy-to-follow instructions to set up your own foot bath detoxing. You can then use the ion foot spa to your heart’s content. It’s recommended that you use it for about 35 minutes, three or four times a week. With each treatment, you can feel the toxins leaving your body, and the evidence will be in the water, which will change color as the ionization process does its work. Relaxing at home is always a favorite activity, and with the Optimum focus detox foot spa system, you can combine that with an invigorating detoxifying process that can make you feel healthier and happier.


It has been stated by various companies that the water colors relate to different organ cellular waste and other body parts. Optimum does not support this analysis of water. There is no scientific data supporting this analysis & some colors can appear without a body. Not all impurities can be seen with the naked eye just as you cannot see the impurities in water. In order to prove that this process does pull out impurities, Optimum has preformed control tests (click here for test results) showing that heavy metals exist in the water after the 35 minute bath & also encapsulated on the water modules' rings. When water samples are tested by labs we need to specify what to test for & since the range of impurities a body may contain are too many to specify, they decided to focus on heavy metals. At minimum this proved that particles are moving out of the body.


With different water conditions your OPTIMUM unit will not necessarily cause color changes in the water; however, the very process of electrolysis of the water causes color changes in the water.. this is called oxidation (which is mainly the orange color, not joints as what is stated in the color charts). The interaction of the OPTIMUM water module with the City added chemicals can cause quite a discoloration in the water. It must neutralize those chemicals and energize the water. Some sediment is seen depending upon the amounts of solids that are inherent in water to begin with. The final result has to do with the health of the person being treated. This will then determine the water color change.


Are the Colors in the Foot Bath Detox Safe?

There is no reason to believe that there is any more danger from the water after it takes on an orange hue than there was from the water when it was clear. In fact, some people find watching the water change to be an indicator that the ionic foot bath detox is doing its work, and find it to be a soothing part of the process.


Is There Anything in the Water to Be Concerned About?

The only thing that is ever in the tub is the water you put into it, Himalayan salt crystals, the Optimizer Module, energy from the power unit, any oxidation that may occur, and cellular waste, dirt and oils from your feet.


What If There Is no Change in Water Color?

People usually see a change in water color by the time the process is finished. If you do not, make sure you have been using the foot bath detox for the full 35 minutes and that the unit is functioning properly, with energy consistently flowing from the foot bath detox power unit to the Optimizer Water Module and into the water.


How Do I Dispose of the Discolored Water?

It's perfectly safe to flush the water from the tub down the toilet, just as you would with regular tap water that you might be trying to dispose of.


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