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Detox Your Body With An Ionic Bath

Have you tried methods of detoxification without success? Detoxifying diets, pills and powders all have serious drawbacks. They don't necessarily improve the function of your lymphatic system, the main system for detoxifying blood and organs throughout your body, and their effects are never permanent. Unfortunately, you can't leave the house in modern society without being bombarded with toxins, heavy metals and pollutants, whether it's mercury in your tuna fish, plutonium in your drinking water, or carbon monoxide in the air. It's no wonder that the ionic bath is becoming more popular.

Detoxification Challenges

You need a detoxification ionic bath system that de-stresses you, not one that adds stress. You also need one that you can do on a regular basis, since your body is assaulted by toxins on a daily basis. This means that invasive medical procedures or costly treatments are not the answer, nor are stringent diets. For some people, the perfect solution is the ionic bath.

Detox Your Body with an Ionic Bath

The ionic bath, specifically the cellular cleansing ionic detox foot bath, is a great way to relax with a detoxifying process designed to improve the action of your lymphatic system, encourage osmosis of heavy metals, toxins and impurities out of your body and into charged ionic water, and provide myriad health effects that are different for every person who uses it. An ionic bath is easy to use, non-invasive, and people have reported positive health effects ranging from a reduction in joint pain to clearer skin.

How the Ionic Bath Works

The ionic bath works by charging a bath, generally a foot bath, with ions that enter your body through the feet to counteract the excess ions in your cells, with the idea being to restore a healthy electrical balance at the cellular level. Each cell in your body carries its own charge, and if that charge is not in a healthy range, your well-being may suffer. Another goal of the ionic bath is to provide a medium through which impurities, heavy metals and toxins can travel from the body into the ionized water through osmosis.

Using an Ionic Bath

Optimum Focus provides the most powerful detoxifying ionic foot bath on the market. When you order the Optimum Focus detox foot bath system, you get the power unit and Water Optimizer Module along with instructions for use. All you need to provide, besides water is the foot bath tub and Himalayan bath salts, also available from Optimum Focus. To enjoy the detoxifying and stress-relieving effects, use the ionic bath according to the instructions provided for 35 minutes, three or four times a week. Let the healing begin!


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