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What An Ionic Foot Bath Did For Me

Sure, an ionic foot bath looks great, but in the end, it's all about results. It's obvious that an Optimum detoxifying ionic foot bath will relax you, but what else will it do for you? Will it clear your complexion? Relieve your joint pain? Make you feel younger? It just might do all these things. In fact, here are some testimonials from people answering the question: What did an ionic foot bath do for me?

What an Ionic Foot Bath Did for Me

Marie from Long Island suffered from lupus for years. After using the Optimum Focus ionic foot bath, she reported more energy, better sleep, clearer skin and relief from the agonizing hip pain that had plagued her for an eternity. Joanne from Maui decided to become an Optimum Focus foot bath practitioner. She reports a variety of results from her clients, including clearer skin, better sleep and a stronger lymphatic system. As for what it did for her, she reports clearer skin and better focus. Juanita from Virginia reports that after multiple ion foot baths, her cholesterol dropped 25 points and her joints are more flexible than they had been in quite some time. These are just a handful of the great results that many people have reported after using the ion foot bath.

What an Ionic Foot Bath Can Do for You

Because of the action of the detoxifying ionic cellular cleansing process, there are no results that can be said to be "typical". An individual may experience none of the effects mentioned above, all of them, or completely different health-boosting effects. The important thing to realize is that in today's society, detoxification is a must. There are pollutants in the air, the food, the water, basically permeating all the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning. Proper detoxification gets the poisons out and leaves you with the healthy nutrients. The only way to find out how well ionic cleansing will work for you is to have an ionic foot bath.

Cleansing with Your Own Ionic Foot bath

Of course, while you may feel some beneficial effects upon your first foot bath, to get the full effects, you'll need to use the ionic foot bath system on a regular basis; ideally, for 35 minutes three or four times a week. This being the case, you'll probably want to own your own Optimum Focus ionic foot bath, so you can detoxify at your leisure. Get started as soon as possible. The sooner you start your foot baths, the sooner you'll be the one proudly announcing: "Here's what an ionic foot bath did for me!"

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