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Rife Frequency Machine Summary of Differences

To the best of our knowledge NO ONE makes & sells "Original Rife Frequency Machine" equipment or machines contrary to the many claims being made. But then again why would they since there has been dramatic improvements to technologies that were not available during Rife's time. Based on new technologies, Rife Frequency Machine and Rife machines technology has improved; for example the Square Wave. Rife was only able to produce Sine Wave.


  • Complicated & confusing to program Rife Frequency Machine & operate
  • Some need a computer to operate Rife Frequency Machine - not mobile
  • No way to store a custom program
  • Time not adjustable Rife Frequency Machine
  • Poor electrical performance
  • Rife Frequency Machine and problems with multiple frequencies ran
  • Low Square wave waveform drive in poor harmonic achievement
  • Irregular output derive in un-symmetrical conveyed power
  • Limited frequency range of Rife Frequency Machine
  • No carrier wave or limited carrier wave
  • No plasma radiating output devices &/or limited accessories to deliver frequencies (ie. only metal accessories)
  • No Gating and/or limited or no Duty Cycle of Rife Frequency Machine
  • Not able to change parameters of Rife Frequency Machine


Rife Frequency Machine and Simultaneous Multiple Frequencies

Those who run multiple frequencies simultaneously are seeking the benefits of the time savings by stacking multiple frequencies. BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine manufacturer will only run 1 frequency in order to keep the most amount of power delivery per frequency and keep the integerity of that frequency. Some manufacturers made their frequency machine to run numerous frequencies. We do not run numerous frequencies with Rife Frequency Machine is just because the bigger the number of frequencies, the higher the power cutback to the point to where every power can turn to be minimal. Applying a several frequencies with BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine is more valuable. Multiple frequencies ran at the same time, gets each diluted. In turn the user then has to repeat the frequencies to get the needed dose and dealing with kill off you want the power and the surges. Some producers say differently about Rife Frequency Machine simultaneous frequencies. We support running our Rife Frequency Machine with 1 carrier wave & 1 frequency with strong output for that accessory is the best method for treatment. With 1 carrier wave carrying several frequencies is not the best approach. Some producers state that if there is sufficient power sent then every frequency will be adequate. For instance they state with their metal electrodes they deliver 2.7 watts output so this will be plenty of power and all is needed is .20 watts. However we limit our BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine metal electrode power output to .75 watts (w 30-35 volts) to stay within safe limits since electricity is the means of delivery thru metal electrodes (this doesn’t apply to the plasma accessories). Most of our clients can’t handle the Rife Frequency Machine with full .75 watts (then turn down the power) so we curios how possible someone can stem the full power of 2.7watts? For your attention our BCX Ultra has a built in 18 watt amplifier built in to the unit. Our BCX Ultra unit has more power than other Frequency Machine so we easily can produce the power. Our BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine has contrasting accessories that add additional power to go from 20watts all the way up to 150 watts depending on the accessory. GB

Do You Want Sweeping?

Just because frequencies are close in range does not mean that have any similarities. Each frequency has its own function. An illustration would be 9.7 Hz for tendons. Case of 9.6 or 9.8 is not the best because your outcome will be lessen. Another illustration, 1444Hz is to establish testosterone in men and 1445 is to establish testosterone in women. It is bad idea for a male to use the machine and have the frequency drift up towards 1445. It is necessary to remember this when you are running sweeping to make sure you know the sweeping range is validated.

Did Dr. Rife Use A Ray Tube?

Dr. Rife used a Ray Tube with his Rife frequency machine. A Ray tube is glass tube, quartz or Pyrex and was filled with a noble gas or a mixture of noble gases. Dr. Rife saw ray tubes as an antenna. They also accepted that the energy emanate from a ray tube will navigate loger with less fall than a metal antenna.

Dr. Couche said that he would sometimes touch the body of the patient in the area that needed to be treated. Dr. Stafford said that when cancer patients were treated, he would put the ray tube within a several inches of the patients and treat a 6 inch rage. He would move the ray tube up and down, back and forth so that the whole 6 inch area was treated. He did so because of the way the phanotron ray tubes makes it partially directional and concentrates its energy or power into a small area. With the power loss from the ray tube, you can see why they used the ray tubes right next to the body.

Dr. Rife's cure for cancer became copyrighted due to Crane's urging in 1954. However for someone to copy a high-powered Ray Tube would have been difficult. Crane believed that a smaller version of a rife frequency device attached to a patient would be very practical and succesful. This method was stated to be more effective. Crane in1960 copyrighted documents that contained instructions on how work Royal's Frequency machine.



BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine vs. Majority Rife Machine units


Most Rife Frequency Machine s

**not valid rife machines
only frequency generators

Comparable Rife Frequency Machine s


BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine

Outputs all Rife's original high Radio Frequency (RF) frequencies No-Electrical Only Some Yes & Some No Yes
RF Carrier Mostly none Yes some limited range or fixed (2.1Mhz - 3.6Mhz) Yes, variable
Simultaneous RF frequencies 0 3 3
Outputs simultaneous audio frequencies 2 range from 1 to 8 to13 3
** Why running too many frequencies simultaneously not effective .. click here
Single Audio Ouput (frequency) Yes Yes Yes
Ray tube No- Some Yes

Raytube harmonics

** Why are plasma ray tubes needed?
No-No Ray Tube
range from metal cylinders
to Ray Beam Tubes


Hand Held Plasma ray tubes, BT-HFPCM2 Plasma Beam Tube, Vortex Plasm beam tube,
Frequency range 10,000Hz. most devices  from 20,000Hz to 20MHz 4 MHz
4MHz is

plenty for  running Rife's Original Frequencies
Analog frequencies Yes Yes Yes
Duty Cycle (50%) Yes Yes Yes
Duty cycle (10%- 90%) Yes some Yes, some No Yes-adjustable Duty Cycle (1-99%)
** Why Wave Types crucial?

Square Wave

Sine Wave

Hoyland Wave

Pulse Square Wave

Triangle Wave


Exponential RampUp Wave

Exponential RampDown Wave

Linear RampUp Wave

Linear Ramp Down Wave

Odd Order Harmonic Wave

Even Order Harmonic Wave

Custom Waves


some Yes/some No

Power level (approximate)   .20 watts to 10 watts from .20 watts to 60 watts to 118 watts 18w control unit,30w Hand Held Plasma Ray Tubes,150w BT_HFPCM2 Plasma beam tube
Pre-Programmed auto channels Yes Yes Yes
Programmable channels No Yes Yes
Gating features Some some Yes & some No Yes
Frequency sweeps Yes Yes Yes-Custom Modulation
Converge sweeps Sometimes Yes YesCustom Modulation
Displays actual frequencies Sometimes Yes Yes

BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Machine outputs all methods (conduction & induction) developed by Royal Rife.

.....click for more info for Detailed Comparison Chart .


Note: If you would like more specifics on a particular rife device contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with this.



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