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How An Ion Cleanse Can Help

Between talks about climate change and the health care debate, discussion of maintaining better health in a toxic environment permeates our lives. We can make small changes, such as recycling and eating organic food, but these changes, however positive in the long-term, offer us little short-term defense against the toxins and pollutants that surround us.

The Principles of Detoxification

Detoxification is the practice of purifying your organs of all the poisons that get into your body. These poisons can come from the food we eat, the water we drink or the air we breathe. In an industrialized society, toxins are everywhere, and it's impossible to avoid all of them. So how can we purify our bodies of these impurities?

How an Ion Cleanse Can Help You

Your body naturally detoxifies itself through the action of various organs and the lymphatic system. Organs like the liver and kidneys have as their primary purpose getting toxins out of your blood and out of your body. Some people feel, however, that this natural process needs a little help. A number of people are using an ion cleanse out of a desire to strengthen their lymphatic system and produce stronger urine and more productive waste products.

Why People Are Choosing the Ion Cleanse

There are a number of detoxifying cleanses out there on the market. Most of them revolve around cleansing diets. The problem with these is that in addition to the fact that there is little scientific evidence on their effectiveness, they can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Once the diet regimen is complete, the toxins return. An ion cleanse is a detoxifying process that you can, and should, use over and over again with little additional expense or added hardship.

How the Ion Cleanse Works

The idea behind ionic cellular cleansing is to flood your body with charged ions to counteract the abundance of unmatched ions in your body. The goal is to negate free radicals and restore a positive electrical balance to your cells. In addition, it is hoped that a successful ionic process will allow impurities, heavy metals and toxins to seep out of your body and into the ionized water through osmosis.

The Ion Cleanse Process

The most popular and simplest form of ion cleanse is a detoxifying foot bath, such as the one offered by Optimum Focus. The process is simple. You fill a foot bath tub with water and Himalayan bath salts, then use the power unit and Water Optimizer Module to charge the water with ions. Let your feet soak in the soothing ion cleanse foot bath for 35 minutes three or four times a week and watch the detoxifying process work. Optimum Focuscan provide all the instructions and ion cleanse equipment you need to start detoxifying today.

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