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All of the verification testing has been performed by an independent third party laboratory of national recognition.Severn Trent Laboratories (STL) leads in testing for environmental substances within the United States and the United Kingdom, receiving samples from all over the world using sampling methodology systems such as Well Wizard.
The first of our testing was an analysis of the water utilized in the footbath process.
The control environment was established by making readings of the solution before the test began, testing as specific time intervals with no feet in the solution and then using the same water source, same electrical unit and same electrodes in the solutions with feet in the solution for 35 minutes.
Exhibit one shows the results of this experiment; it is very evident that there is nickel, copper, iron, chromium, lead and manganese are in the solution upon the completion of the footbath. The complete test report from Severn Trent is contained in Appendix 1.

control tests

A second series of test were conducted in 2005. The purpose of this test to validate the previous test and to seek out other elements that we could be removing from the body. The results indicate significant removal of Aluminum and Zinc from a couple of the Test Subjects.

Appendix 2 contains the full Severn Trent Lab report for this experiment. Below is a summary of the findings.

2005 tests

The third test was also conducted in 2005. This test was a controlled experiment to see what was plated onto the cathodes of the electronic unit that was submerged in the solution. The current flow through the solution with the electronic unit installed is performing a simple electrolysis, as such there will be plating on the cathodes from the ionic bombardment of the current flow in the process. The residue found here will stay on the cathodes unless the polarity of the current becomes reversed or it is removed in the cleaning process.

We see significant accumulation of aluminum, lead, and zinc with this measurement method.

Appendix 3 contains the complete lab report of this experiment.


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