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Does Anyone Sell A Rife Frequency Generator Like Royal Rife's?

Noone does for several reasons. His rife frequency generator could be detected 17 miles out due to the Radio Carrier wave that was used to carry the frequency. The FCC limits how far a radio wave can be transmitted. Also modern day frequency generator rife machines have advanced due to the evolution of techonoliges that were not available back in Rife's time.


Your Own Frequency Generator Rife

You can own a frequency generator rife machine and experience the benefits of a modern-day Frequency Generator Rife. Here is a list of important features to look for in the Frequency Generator Rife before you purchase one.

  1. The most important feature to look for in a frequency generator rife is the use of a RF carrier (radio frequency carrier wave). Rife and Hoyland used RF which was a big factor in their successful results. The audio frequency is carried further with a frequency in the high frequency range generally in the meg range. The only way you can hear a radio wave (voice) in a brick building in the next town over is the use of Rife Frequency, because the frequency carries the audio. It is also known the only way to get far penetration in the body is with a unit that has a RF carrier frequency built-in. Big number of units today do not use RF.
  2. Plasma Beam tube: It is imperative the rife frequency generator rife device you select has plasma ray tubes. Both Dr. Rife & Hoyland used ray tubes. A rife frequency generator that includes hand held plasma ray tubes is a bonus since they use both conduction and induction where a circuit us formed by running from 1 tube through the body to the other tube ensuring the frequencies are penetrating through the body. Also the hand held plasma ray tubes output a higher voltage than metal electrodes which pushes the frequency deep into the body. A magnetic effect is produced by these tubes.
  3. Coverage: Most rife frequency generator units come with only metal hand cylinders, which help with the upper body. However, dealing w the lower body it is benefical to use both hand and foot accessories.
  4. Cost: What about a rife frequency generator ~$500? Years ago rife frequency generator units were only modified off the shelf function generators and were mass-produced. The Rife Frequency Generator manufacturers generally build a relatively small quanity of units so the cost goes up remarkably. A Rife Frequency Generator that is not high in power will cost less. Cost will increase when a crystal circuit is used to generate the frequency which creates a high resolution of frequency that is needed in an Rife Frequency Generator unit. An example: 1444Hz is to normalize testosterone in men and 1445 is to normalize testosterone with in women's body.
  5. Gating: It is important purchase frequency generator rife that has gating. Rife and Hoyland used gating and knew it made their units more effective.
  6. More details on what to look in a Rife Frequency Generator for click here buyer's guide.


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