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rife handbook

The Rife Handbook


• The Rife Handbook of Frequency
• Therapy & Holistic Health 2019 Edition by
• Nenah Sylver, PhD


"The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer. Published 2021": (760 pages, hardcover). This version was updated in 2021. It details how Royal Rife's frequency therapy worked, additional health treatments, Rife's original frequencies (verified by his personal lab notes), and includes two additional appendices-on clinical trials using frequency therapies over the past 40 yrs, and current Rife research in the USA. Explanations address science in terms satisfactory to practitioners and researchers, but also the layperson can understand it. Helpful tips on how to select a unit, who can use this therapy; how to do a Rife session on humans and animals; along with tips for optimal sessions. Chapter 5 includes Frequency Directory lists frequencies for many health issues. Details how certain drugs can suppress the body's natural function, how the drug industry   FDA have concealed negative drug test results, how double-blind studies are unscientific and unethical, drug-related causes, the dangers of vaccines, microbe (pleomorphism) life cycles, about germs, and much more.


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"This meticulously researched book provides new and ample documentation to lend credence to Rife’s theories."
-Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, Author of the best-selling Prescription for Nutritional Healing

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