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What Exactly Is A Detox Footbath?

By now you may well have met a few people who seem much happier and healthier than when you first met them, and who attribute the change to a Detox footbath. You probably know what a foot bath is, but a Detox footbath is something very different.

What Exactly Is a Detox Footbath?

A Detox footbath is, quite simply, a footbath that detoxifies your system, drawing out heavy metals, toxins and impurities into the water through the action, in the case of the Optimum Focus Detox footbath, of the Optimizer Water Module. An ordinary footbath is simply a tub full of water, relaxing to your feet, but with few long-term effects. An Optimum Focus Detox footbath includes energetic cellular cleansing ionic detox footbath technology, which includes a power unit, optimizer water module, cleaning brush and Himalayan Salt, with Optimum copper tub sold separately. The purpose of this system is to charge the water with ions that draw impurities and toxins out of your system.

How Do I Use the Optimum Focus Detox Footbath?

Using an Optimum Focus Detox footbath couldn't be easier. Just follow the enclosed instructions to set up the bath, which include filling the tub with water and Himalayan salts and submerging the Optimizer Water Module. Use the bath for about 35 minutes per session three or four times a week and you may start to see results right away.

What Are Some of the Benefits I Will Enjoy with the Optimum Focus Detox Footbath?

Some of the benefits of regular use of the Optimum Focus Footbath system can include but are not limited to: Clearer skin, aging reversal, a stronger immune system and a better functioning elimination system. Not to mention the general sense of relaxation and well-being you can receive from enjoying a detoxifying foot bath.

Why Should I Choose the Optimum Focus Detox Footbath?

The Optimum Focus Detox footbath is not the only detox footbath system on the market, but you will probably find that it is the best one. Optimum Detox footbaths are the most powerful on the market, running with power that can be more than twice as high as competitors. They offer adjustable current so you can customize your experience, and they generate a higher voltage of negative ions, which can be important for those looking to neutralize free radicals in their system, which should be everyone. In addition, Optimum Focus provides some of the safest Detox footbath products on the market, with double insulation for consumer protection.

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