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Foot Spa Detox Articles

Cleanse With A Bio Detox

What is a bio detox? Body detoxification is an old science, but one that has enjoyed a great surge in popularity lately as the need to purify our bodies has become paramount. All one has to do is turn on the news to see what kind of toxins our bodies are subjected to. Try it. Turn on your local news and see how many stories there are about damage to the environment, bad foods we all eat, even impurities in our drinking water. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that people are looking everywhere for the right bio detox to restore their bodies and ensure continued good health.

About Cleansing

A new idea has cropped up in this field that has gotten everyone’s attention, and that is the idea of the body detox cleanse. A cleanse is a detoxifying process that is intended to either aid the body’s natural immune system in purifying the body of toxins, or supplement that system. Often the cleanse takes the form of some kind of special diet, usually where you restrict what you take into your body to only a few distinct liquids or foods for several days or weeks. The idea is mainly to give the body a chance to purify itself of toxins. The problem with these diets is that in addition to often being a hardship on the user, they cannot do anything about the fact that our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day, whether we are cleansing or not. An effective cleanse is one that strengthens the body’s own immune system, and one that you can do repeatedly to continue to purge the body of impurities and toxins.

Cleanse with a Bio Detox Foot Bath

That’s what an ionic bio detox foot bath is all about. The bio detox foot bath is a cleansing system that is designed to have multiple benefits, including strengthening your lymphatic system to improve your body’s detoxification and waste elimination abilities, allowing the osmosis of heavy metals and other impurities and toxins out of your body and into ionized water, and restoring the electrical balance of your cells.

Getting Started with the Bio Detox Foot Bath

You may have held off on exploring the benefits of a detoxifying foot bath because you’re afraid that going in for regular spa treatments will be too expensive. Well, wait no longer. Now you can actually order an ionic cellular cleansing bio detox foot bath system from Optimum and detoxify in your very own home. With the power unit, Water Optimizer Module, copper bath tub and Himalayan salts, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions, soak your feet for not more than 35 minutes three or four times a week for about five weeks at a time, and you can enjoy detoxification in your living room. Wait three weeks for your body’s natural balance to fully align, then go through the process again, eliminating further toxins that may have built up throughout your daily life. You can detoxify year round with your own Optimum bio detox system.

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