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Cleanse Your Body With A Detox Foot Spa

Detoxification is a popular pursuit in this day and age. In industrial society, we are exposed to many more toxins every day than our ancestors ever dreamed of. As a result, people have turned to detoxification, processes designed to draw out and eliminate toxins from the body. Everything from detoxifying powders to the detox foot spa have been tried with varying results. In many cases, it is not the process for the detoxifying itself that is so important as the quality of the detoxifying products and system.

Why Is Detoxification Important?

Over time, our bodies take in many unhealthy products. The air we breathe can be affected by industrial pollutions such as factory smog, air exhaust and cigarette smoke. The food we eat is often processed and may contain unwanted chemicals and even carcinogens. If we drink or even bathe in tap water, we may be subjecting ourselves to even more chemicals. The idea behind detoxification is to get these chemicals, toxins and impurities out of the body so that they cannot do damage to our organs and bring on a host of unwanted health conditions.

What Are the Best Methods of Detoxification?

Medical procedures like dialysis can detoxify the blood, but this is an extreme solution that is usually not time or cost-effective. Certain diets also claim to detoxify the body. These diets may have some beneficial effects, but they can also have unwanted side effects, and once the diet ends, as it inevitably will, the body’s toxin status will revert to normal. One alternative is an ionic detoxifying process such as the one offered by the Optimum Focus detox foot spa.

How Can You Cleanse Your Body with a Detox Foot Spa?

To cleanse your body with a detox foot spa, all you have to do is go to Optimum Focus and order one of their ionic celluar cleansing detox foot bath systems, as well as a foot bath tub and preferably Himalayan salts. The system will come with instructions, but the basic idea is putting your feet in a tub which contains water, Himalayan salts, and the Optimizer Water Module, which is connected to the Optimum Focus power unit. Turn it on, and for about 35 minutes the Optimizer Water Module will work to fill your body with charged ions, with the intent of both boosting your lymphatic system so that it is easier for your liver to turn your body’s toxins into execrable waste, and of causing impurities to be released through your feet into the bath itself. Try it for yourself and see if you don’t look and feel healthier and happier.

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