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Can a Rife Machine Help?

Rife Machine Frequency therapy is becoming widely recognized even though it has been around for more than 50 yrs. Rife Machine frequency treatment was introduced by Dr. Royal Rife which is the treatment of health related issues, such as diseases & healing, by means of frequencies that match the resonance of the cause of the health issue. This could be done by matching the MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) of a pathogen, healing & regeneration frequencies, detoxing frequencies, and more. Everything that exists resonates at a certain vibration. When Rife Machine frequencies match the MOR of a pathogen then the organism will literally be shaken until the outer membrane breaks apart. A simple of example of this, that we all can relate to, would be when a singer sings at a certain tone and intensity they can shatter a glass.


Rife Machine frequencies can be delivered in many ways in to the human body. There is no danger to the body's cells and organs. Rife Machine frequency therapy and more on Rife Machine features are explained in more detail in some of the articles by Physicist and Inventor, Gary Wade.


In the near future we could actually see scientists use frequency based technologies to destroy viruses & pathogens, curing many diseases. Recent experiments have shown that certain lasers can be programmed to a particular frequency killing certain viruses. However, determining these MOR frequencies is key. An example of a Lyme testimonial in NY Times.


Dr Royal Rife invented a highly magnified optical microscope where microbes that were normally too small to see were visible that could not be seen under telescopes available at that time. He would be able to see the color hue of the organism via his microscope and use this to match the MOR frequency of that pathogen.

Rife Machine & a Virus

All objects have resonant frequencies that they naturally oscillate at. Pluck a stringed instrument and the string will vibrate at a certain frequency. However when resounding it can shatter it. A well-known example is when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, waved and warped, in 1940, until the wind rocked the bridge back and forth at one its resonant frequencies then finally fell apart.


Viruses are liable to identical mechanical excitation. A group led by K. T. Tsen from Arizona State University have recently experimented on lasers and when they are tuned in to a certain frequency have shown to induce harmful vibrations in virus shells.

Origins of the Rife Machine

The origins of the Rife Machine date back to the 1930's, invented by Royal Rife where he isolated and neutralized pathogens, along with the cancer causing viruses, using beam rays that disrupted them matching their frequencies.


Dr. Royal Rife and Dykeman discovered a technology to formulate the resonant frequencies. By 1920, Royal Rife (the inventor) had completed the world's 1st virus microscope. By 1933, he perfected the microscope completing the complex “Universal Microscope”, which had nearly 6,000 parts & was capable of magnifying organisms 60,000 times their normal size. With this instrument, Rife became the first to see a live virus, and until just recently, the Universal Microscope was the only microscope able view live viruses. Modern day electron microscopes instantly kill any live organism when viewing leaving only the remains. No species of molecule have the same energetic signature. When he illuminated the pathogen or microbe w a light frequency matching their frequency, he could see the individual organism better since it would make them glow.


picture of Dr. Rife Dr. Royal Rife was the first to identify the human cancer virus first. Rife then made more than 20,000 attempts unsuccessfully to change normal cells to tumor cells. He finally succeeded and injected it into lab animals. Rife was able to then create 400 tumors from the same culture. He documented everything (detailed records, films, & photographs). Rife then focused on creating a method of destroying these viruses. By using the same principle which made the organisms visible (resonance) he applied to kill them. When he intensified the frequencies, by increasing the natural oscillations, he observed the pathogens either bursting or going inanimate.


one-cell organism exposed to 1,150 HZ


Keep in mind that nobody these days produce a Rife Machine like Royal Rife machine. Royal Rife's Rife Machine could be detected miles away. The FTC would never allow an equipment like this in our modern-day world. Also there have been numerous advancements in the technology due to availability of modern day advancements, ie different wave types, crystal circuitry for better resolution, different accessories for delivery such as hand-held plasma ray tubes. For more helpful tips on about what to look for in a rife machine click for details

About Radionics

Radionics is a concept where a healthy person has specific energy frequencies, and a non-healthy person may have very different frequencies (with frequencies of diseases/disorders). The thought is that if these unhealthy frequencies can be brought back in to balance, the malady or disorder can be healed. The Rife Machine like the BCX Ultra Rife Machine is meant to restore these energies in the body.

Will the Rife Machine Help to Heal the Body?

Because everyone's situation is unique and what issues are causing a particular health problem, it is impossible to know how a Rife Machine, such as the BCX Ultra Rife Machine , will affect any one individual. However, you can try the BCX Ultra Rife Machine to determine what results you can achieve for issues such as arthritis, migraines, viral, bacterial, auto-immune, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, organ deficiencies with our 60 day money back guarantee and FREE practitioner session to help guide you on what protocols. There are prestored programs pertaining to different health issues that are included in the BCX Ultra Rife Machine with their corresponding frequencies.

Getting Your Own Rife Machine

With all the alternative tools offered on the market to help heal and detox, it is hard to determine what will work. What makes it more difficult is that some treatments can work for some people but will not work for others. Experience the advantages of a modern day Rife Machine by HYMBAS called the BCX Ultra Rife Machine. The BCX Ultra Rife Machine is backed up by over 30 yrs of manufacturing & research/development. A wide variety of accessories are offered that one simply plugs in to the BCX Ultra Rife Machine (runs all of Rife's original frequencies) including the BCX's well known plasma ray tubes, metal footplates, metal handheld cylinder, pre-gelled electrodes, LEDs, Facelift Accessories, Microcurrent Garments, Stand-alone High Powered Plasma Beam Tube, Vortex, PEMF Rife Mat, and coming soon the Doug Coil. There are many other advantages of the BCX Ultra Rife Machine for click for details...



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