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Standard LED Accessories
• Red, Green or Blue

 High Powered LED Accessories
• Red, Green or Blue



Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW530A (Green):
  Wavelength 530 nm
  Intensity 435 Lumens
Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW626A (Red):
  Wavelength 626 nm
  Intensity 255 Lumens
Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW470A (Blue):
  Wavelength 470 nm
  Intensity 174 Lumens

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standard led specs

1. Wavelength for colored LED's ranges from long (infrared), to short (ultraviolet). White is a mixture of colors centered around a middle (color temperature).
2. Luminous Intensity is the most accurate indicator of LIGHT INTENSITY.
3. Beam width and Focal plane define the distance from the light source where the light is most even.
4. Luminous flux takes into account the area over which the light at a given intensity is spread, and is the best representation of the QUANTITY OF LIGHT emitted.
5. Power in watts is a poor representation of the light output. It actually only shows the electrical consumption of the device. For example, a 100 watt incandescent light bulb puts out the same amount of light as a 20 watt Compact Fluorescent bulb (CFL).


Our LEDs are now available in three colors: red, green and blue. They can be applied in a variety of ways including: on the eyes, in the navel, and on the skin. We offer 2 types of LEDs: High Powered LED and Standard LED

High Powered (HP) LEDs vs. Standard (Std) LEDs?

The HP LEDs are so high powered that a fan is needed to cool it down. We are hearing that the LEDs are doing some wonderful things for tendon injuries and other deeper tissue injuries. As with laser therapy the blue is used more for external problems such as infections on the skin. The blue will not penetrate very deep. The green is the highest powered and used for deep issues. The red will penetrate quite deep, but not as deep as the green. With deeper tissue issues most people will alternate between the red and green HP LEDs. We certainly are not claiming you will get the results as you would with a 10-20 thousand dollar laser. However, many issues will clear up just as well with our Std HP led. Do not stare at our HP LEDs. Only use our Std LEDs on the eye lids NEVER the HP LEDs.

It is stated that you can remove an allergic reaction by placing the offending food on the naval (in a baggie if needed) and hold the LEDs, Std or HP over the food and move it close to the skin moving in a clock wise direction only. Slowly move out the circular motion to 6 or 12 inches in diameter for about 2 minutes.

Application on the eyes

The green and red Std LEDs are applied alternately (green one day, red the next day, then green the following day, etc.). Hold the LED 1/4th inch away from an open eye, or directly on the lid of a closed eye. Start with 1 minute per frequency for each eye, working up to 5 minutes per frequency for each eye. This can be done twice a day.

Application in the navel

Red LEDs are applied directly in the navel to stimulate regeneration, for tonification and blood cleansing.

Application on the skin

GREEN LEDs are applied directly on the affected area of the skin for mutated cells and tumors. They can also be applied on acupuncture points.

BLUE LEDs are used for SARS and Acne, Psoriasis (click for studies) and more. Apply directly on the affected area.


All frequencies are applicable for use with LEDs.
** Brain cell/tissue repair ...................2128
Endorphin Stimulation for pain relief and relaxation ......2.5
Eyesight, to improve.................................. see frequency manual
*Mutated cells, to shrink abnormal growth........ 17024
Pain and inflammation, irritation............ 1, 123
Seratonin stimulation for pain relief...2.5+80
Tissue repair........................................266
* This frequency is to be used 3 minutes in combination with 1 Hz. for 7 minutes, and 266 Hz. for 5 minutes.
** This frequency is to be used 3 minutes in combination with 1 Hz. for 7 minutes, and 123 Hz. for 5 minutes.


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