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How Can A Rife Device Help Heal The Body?

With all the alternative health methods available, it can be overwhelming to determine what works. It is important to become as informed as possible about the treatments that are available. One form of treatment to consider is the Rife Device.


How did the Rife Device come about?

Dr. Royal Rife was an accomplished scientist, receiving numerous major awards & honors including an honorary Doctorate from the University of Heidelberg. He studied at Johns Hopkins. Royal Rife invented the technology of bioelectric medicine which is still used frequently today in the fields of electronics, optics, ballistics, aviation, radiochemistry, and biochemistry.


Royal Rife In the 1930’s invented a super highly magnified microscope that used light in a never seen way before. He was able to see a virus microbe which had not been seen in his day by an electron microscope and did not kill it. Electron microcopes not only were able to view at that small of a size but would also kill the microbe. Seeing the microbe live under the scope was imperative to see how the rife frequency killed the organism and what frequency was needed. He discovered that every organism has a “mortal oscillatory rate” (MOR). MOR is a point where it will break apart by sound waves, such as when a vocalist sings an intense musical note shattering a glass.


He discovered the virus microbe that can cause certain cancers and its MOR frequency with his microscope. He then injected this virus microbe in to mice to grow the cancer turmors. He would then destroy the tumors using his rife device. Once this was repeated and tested many times over he then moved to clinical treatments for his rife device treatment on cancer patients. In 1934, Dr. Royal Rife along with a team of doctors and scientists from prominent medical research facilities succesfully cured 16 out of the 16 cancer infected patients using the Rife Device. The following 4 yrs his Rife Device, instruments & methods were improved & refined. Dr. Royal Rife’s laboratory was visited by some of North America’s most prominent cancer researchers where they formed a research committee at USC. Clinical proof using the Rife Device was documented from clinics in San Diego & Los Angeles and research facilities in Chicago, San Francisco, New Jersey and Montreal.


Unfortunately certain medical officials, including medical societies, countered & attacked Rife’s work before the public could be well informed of it. The Doctors using the Rife Devices for treating cancer and other diseases were threatened with losing their licenses. On top of this his assistant, Hoyland, hauled him in to court bankrupting the company with frivolous lawsuits. One of the greatest 20th century medical discoveries fell quielty into history.


By the late 1980s, a new shift in research began to slowly emerge known as Bio-energetics with universities, government agencies (NASA) and medical research facilities. Simultaneously an interest began in the alternative medicine arena. The spurr of the internet and the lack of success in certain mainstream treatment of diseases and chronic issues has spun a new demand and interest in Rife device technology.


What Should Your Own Rife Device Have

You can own your own Rife Device and receive the benefits of a modern-day Rife Device. This rife device should have a control unit (preferrably stand-alone w no need to hook up to a computer), plasma ray tubes, metal footplates, metal hand cylinders and gel pads. The rife device must have a radio carrier wave, gating, and ability to go in the Mhz range (both frequency & carrier wave). A good set of manuals including an instructional DVD is key. LED wands are an added benefit using the healing benefits of color therapy and free-standing beam tubes. This rife device should have a range of wave forms, at minimum square & sine wave. It is a must to have the ability to add your own custom programs to enter in additional frequencies so you are not stuck to just the prestored programs. Click to buy a BCX Ultra Rife Device For tips on buying a Rife device click for Rife device buyer's guide.


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