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OPTIMUM Focus detox foot bath at client's Beverly Hills Spa




  "Coming Clean" - Daily Candy


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OPTIMUM Focus detox foot bath AS Featured on KTLA5 News at our client's Beverly Hills Clinic





MEDIA- MPS Pure Far Infrared



 'Technology behind MPS products' 

Emma's Story

MPS on Heartbeat of America TV Show




November 16, 2007
Los Angeles, California United States

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Jenna Lynn/

"Andy Dick soaks in OPTIMUM FOCUS Ionic Detox Foot Bath"

Jenna Lynn/

"Sunkrish Bala relaxes in OPTIMUM FOCUS Ionic Detox Foot Bath"

Michael Bezjian/

Virginia City Revival Band member poses with Turbo Sonic vibration sound therapy device at...

Jenna Lynn/

Actor Vincent De Paul at the Friends in High Places

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Hot August Night CCVBA's 3rd Annual Charity Fundraiser -(Playboy Mansion)

August 18, 2007 - Playboy Mansion
Bel Aire, California United States

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'Traci Bingham' (actress & Playboy Bunny) relaxing with a OPTIMUM Focus detox footbath session'

'Traci Bingham enjoys a Pure Far Infrared stimulating session in the MPS Capsule Dima

Michael Bezjian/

'Traci Bingham enjoys a session on the TURBOSonic Vibrational Therapy...

Michael Bezjian/








SCRIPPS Integrative & Holistic Nursing Conference  San Diego, California

Playboy Mansion CCVBA Fundraiser  Bel Air, Ca

American Music Awards Spa House' West Hollywood, CA 

International Congress of Esthetics - Long  Beach, CA

International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference - Las Vegas, NV

Golden Global Awards Gift House - Showtime presents Golden Globes Gift House w Make-A-Wish Hancock Park, CA

Celebration of Oneness - Pasadena, CA

CAM Expo - Los Angeles, CA

Mind Body & Beyond Expo - Los Angeles, CA

Healthy Lifestyle Expo - Burbank, CA 

Ontario Senior Expo - Ontario, Ca

OC Largest Mixer - Costa Mesa, Ca

Spa & Resort Conference Los Angeles, Ca 

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