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Read Full Testimonial... 

"As a practitioner for over three years, I have some amazing health results from footbaths. Some of the most dramatic have been lumps that have completely disappeared after usually one footbath. "…."I have treated three Vietnam veterans with agent orange in their legs and feet - After taking several footbaths, the itching, burning, and stinging, as well as the discoloration in the skin in these areas were all dramatically reduced and all were returned to being comfortable once again. One man had acetone poisoning. He had been seriously ill for six years. After two and a half months of weekly footbaths, he was completely restored to his former health. In one woman's footbath, the removal of heavy metals was so extreme that the substance coming from her body through her feet was black and gritty -she had been an airline stewardess for many years. ". ..."Toxicity is a major health concern in our present polluted society. We must have a method to detoxify the body - The energetic footbath is in my opinion the most effective way to address this serious problem" -PB


"I have been using the footbath since 2000, and some results have been increased energy. My complexion is very clear and the whites of my eyes are white. I'm very healthy. People notice something different about me and want whatever it is. My joints no longer feel stiff, and I just feel an all over renewal. " -LW


"I've found a machine that really helps diabetes. It is the footbath machine. It is new to the United States. It cleans the poisons and toxins out of your system. I got one because I've been a hairdresser all of my life and my body was extremely toxic. What I didn’t realize was how much it would help my husband who is diabetic. He had no feeling in the bottoms of his feet for 3 ~ years. After three treatments the feeling came back. When his legs were swollen it took the swelling and pain out of his legs and ankle. He lost seven pounds after that treatment over a two day period. After continued use of the footbath machine his breathing got better. His lung capacity was 40% and now it is 79% Also, he had no trouble with his heart when he had his hernia surgery. Normally, he would end up in the ICU unit whenever he had any surgical procedure. I feel like I have found the fountain of youth. The best of health to all of you. Thank you." -CM


"On the first visit it looked like my feet were in a tub of transmission fluid when I finished {the footbath]. I've had severe swelling and pain in my right elbow, bursal sack. It was crystallizing. After the first treatment, the swelling kept going down and just two days later back to normal. I have more energy and don't seem to need naps during the day. Very impressed with the results!" -RG


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