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LEARN Key Concepts of Detox Footbaths & WHY Our Units?

Learn about the Key Concepts , Brand Differentiation, COMPARE ION SPAS and What Questions to Ask? with the detox footbath and how to compare the differences between any of the footbaths on the market (i.e. AquaDetox, Aqua Chi, AMD Ioncleanse, EB-305/EBPro, BBS - Body Balance System, BioCleanse, BEFEU, etc.). There are number of misnomers being published and the below information will help you to better understand this.  


Single Professional


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ü  Understanding Key Concepts & Differences of Ion Spas

ü  Brand Differientation of Optimum Ion Spa

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths are the most powerful units on the market. The standard OPTIMUM model runs as high as 3.00 AMPS and the professional model as high as 5.5 AMPS. Most competitors’ units only operate up to 2.5 AMPS.

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths generate a higher voltage of negative ions. Because our units operate at higher AMPS, they are able to generate more negative ions—up to 35 times higher than competitive units. (Since competitors’ water modules are generating less electrical activity, they can last longer than our Optimizer water module however they will not produce as high of an ORP (# of ions)).

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths offer adjustable current control to compensate for different needs of those receiving the treatment. With the Optimum units you have full control over the amperage simply by adjusting the current knob (going as low as 0.00 to 5.50 amps). Other competitor units do not have the ability to make adjustments to the incoming current. Their units amperage can only be increased by adding 'salt'. To reduce the amperage in the competitor's units you can not take the salt out of the water so you have to either dump the water or dilute it defeating the purpose of creating an denser saline solution. Even if these other units have preprogrammed buttons you are still adding salt to increase the amperage until the unit notifies you when the amperage has been reached and then you stop adding salt. It is a cheap way to control amperage and the client is receiving a straight 24 volt current which is not healthy. We use regulators to control the power supply.

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths feature a comprehensive protective mechanism. Our internal and external fuses and double insulated construction guard against the water module blowing a fuse. Many competitive brands use other technology that is not as protective of the person getting the footbath treatment.

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths use a water module with advanced features. The Optimizer water module offers advanced surface design to enhance the ionic osmosis process; welded connections for stronger conductivity; use of 100% copper construction; and it doesn’t require cumbersome manual replacement of individual components (the entire unit is disposable). Other brands uses standard copper that is bound with other elements known to cause carcinogens; they use technology that can lead to a blown fuse, don’t feature welded construction, and require manual replacement of individual rings that must be placed correctly in order to function.

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths are technologically advanced in components, internal stages of regulation, output, and use of double insulation. Many other brands still use outdated Transformer Rectifier (TR) power supply technology from the 1960s, which can malfunction and cause ripples and spikes or static interference.

  • OPTIMUM detox footbaths offer an optional copper tub that enhances conductivity. Because less AMPs are needed to generate the desired power, the copper tub helps extend the life of the Optimizer water module. Other brands only use plastic tubs.

  • FOR More Technical Details (click here)

ü Optimum Ion Spa superior construction


  • Amperage is adjusted thru current instead of salt for: (Differences in human skin resistance, in the water used, & in the electrolyte/ electrolysis)

  • Full control over current ,

  • Other Units on the market are adjusted ONLY 'via salt' with a straight 24 volt current..

  • CLEAN POWER (pure DC power without excessive ripple)

  • STRONGER POWER (from 10 to 16 volts), which translates to creating more negative ions for cleansing and more ability to draw toxins from the body

  • DUAL REGULATION System, featuring a switching regulator with over-current and over-voltage protection, and adjustable regulator with fold-back circuit

  • FULL DIGITAL CURRENT display, with adjustable treatments to account for variables in the water, in the electrolysis, and in skin resistance

  • SAFE CONSTRUCTION through 3 levels of safety protection: a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows; and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit.

  • DOUBLE INSULATED for customer protection (no need for a GFI certification)

  • An Optimizer water module that lasts for an average of ~60 OR MORE footbaths and then is completely disposable without the need the replace separate parts

  • A reputation for delivering a high level of CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT

  • Through ES, we offer a complete “system” of cleansing, rather than just units; this includes complementary products and supplements, and a dedication to research and sharing of health knowledge with our customers

  • Our unique COPPER TUB adds conductivity to the footbath; this means less amperage is required and that helps extend the life of the Optimizer water module

  • State-of-the-Art Regulator power supply (unlike Transformer Rectifier [TR] technology from 1960s), Clean power supply and discharge, producing more negative ions

  • OPTIMUM COSTS more due to quality of the parts. Other units cost are less than $100 dollars, sold for $495 to $1900. 

  • ENGINEER TEAM has over 40 yrs experience with power supplies from TR units to 30,000vdc used on the moon & beyond.


U ü  Understanding Key Concepts & Differences of Ion Spas


of Ion Cleanse Detox Foot baths


COST of construction






Control AMPs w CURRENT vs. SALT


About AMPs 


WRISTBAND  Misconceptions


COLOR CHARTING Misconceptions


# of IONS produced in bath





DUAL Polarity


SINGLE Polarity

Dual Polarity, or reversible polarity, machine is just the reversing of polarity. Dual Polarity is a marketing gimmick and provides no benefit. This is why:

  1. FALSE CLAIM: Systems that use Dual Polarity claim that switching Polarity (in another words which way the DC current flows) to create more Negative Ions or Positive Ions (Negative polarity to Positive Polarity & then Positive Polarity to Negative Polarity). REASON FALSE: DC Current only can go from Negative to Positive polarity NEVER can it go from Positive to Negative as the companies that use Dual Polarity claim. Moving current from a positive to negative goes against the law of physics for DC current (click here more details).

  2. FALSE CLAIM: Systems that use Dual Polarity claim that Negative Ions & Positive Ions are needed depending on the bodies PH level. REASON FALSE: Negative Ions are the good ions. Positive Ions are the depleting ions, free radicals (refer below about the difference click here). Why would you ever want positive ions?

  3. By reversing polarity, the plated material on the anode gets released back in to the water (explained further below) from the current footbath & previous footbaths. Obviously this is not a good thing.

  4. FALSE CLAIM: Systems that use Dual Polarity claim that their systems change the PH level of the water depending on the supposed Polarity. REASON FALSE: The only way the PH level can be altered is if the ionized water is extracted either at the Anode or Cathode rings where the H2O has split is extracted in to H+ (acidic water) or OH- (alkaline water).

EXPLANATION Why DUAL Polarity is a hoax:

1. To further explain how this works you must first understand how DC (direct current) current works

DC CURRENT: ALL Footbath electrolysis units on the market are using DC current. They either run from an AC input or a battery input (a battery is DC). This is necessary to create the electrolysis process. Direct current or DC electricity is the continuous movement of electrons from negative to positive through a conducting material such as a metal wire or in the case of the footbath it is the water. A DC circuit is necessary to allow the current or steam of electrons to flow. The current ALWAYS flows from the negative (Cathode ring) to the positive (Anode ring) through the water. When the electrons move from the Cathode ring to the Anode ring it causes the Cathode ring to deplete and then binds with molecules in the water and then moves to the Anode ring creating a plating on the Anode ring (refer to our research page showing the scrapings of the Anode ring click here). When a machine switches polarity ALL THEY ARE DOING is changing which plates receive the positive and the negative. The current STILL flows from Negative to Positive. Remember the Cathode ring depletes the metal & the Anode ring attracts where a build up occurs, so when the Anode ring switches to receiving the negative, making it now the Cathode ring, it then releases all the build-up back in to the water. Not only are you releasing the toxins back in to the water but it gains NO BENEFIT.  (click here for outside source)

False misleading statement by other companies state (i.e. AMD IONCLEANSE) when the unit is supposedly in ‘positive’ mode: "When the unit is in positive mode, the current flows to the positive pole in the array, which results in more negative ions being produced in the water. When it is set on negative mode, the current flows to the negative pole in the array, which results in more positive ions being produced in the water. Therefore, negative polarity generates a positive ion flow. This process is known as the electrolysis of water."  stated by AMD Ioncleanse.

** THIS IS FALSE: A DC current cannot move from positive to negative pole as stated in the negative mode. (explained above)


A VIDEO from AMD IONCLEANSE that demonstrates 'INCORRECT' information about DC Current



2. You must also understand how Water electrolysis works:

WATER ELECTROLYSIS is the process by which water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of a direct electric current and an electrolyte (NACL salt). Electrolysis of water is what's called a redox reaction. This means that electrons are being moved from one molecule to another. To electrolyze water, you need 2 electrodes, the cathode (negative) and the anode (positive). This would be the water module of the footbath unit. You also need to dissolve ions in the water to improve its conductivity; sodium chloride (salt) is often used as in the case of the footbath.

At the anode, electrons are removed from the water and it is oxidized, in this reaction:

2H2O -----> O2 + 4H+ + 4e-

At the cathode, electrons are added to water and it is reduced:

2H2O + 4e- -----> 2H2 + 4OH-

So at the anode we get oxygen gas and hydrogen ions, at the cathode hydrogen gas and hydroxide ions.

Other products can be formed depending on what the electrodes are made from and how the electrolysis chamber is built. If the cathode is made from iron, it will react with the hydroxide ions to make brown, insoluble iron hydroxide:

Fe3+ + 3OH- -----> Fe(OH)3

Chlorine gas can be formed, but this isn't because the electrodes are made of carbon. It will only happen if sodium chloride is added to the water. In this case, the chloride ions in the water can oxidise to chlorine and combine with hydroxide ions to form hypochlorite:

Cl2 + 2OH- -----> Cl- + OCl- + H2O

False misleading statement by other companies that use the DUAL Polarity claim that their machines can create more positive ions or negative ions depending on what mode the machine is in (positive or negative). This is a false statement. The current coming from the water module acts as a stimulus or Optimizer to break up the H2O (water) and the NACL (salt). Current will always flow the same way, meaning only from negative to positive (as stated above), so the breakup of the water molecule & salt will be exactly the same. The molecule makeup of the H2O and the NACL is what determines how many negative ions and positive ions are being produced NOT THE CURRENT (measured in e-). Just by adding salt this creates about a 2 to 1 ratio of negative ions (just like the ocean).

An example of this false statement is stated on AMD IONCLEANSE webpage. They state that depending on what ‘supposed’ mode (positive/negative) their unit is set to, affects differently the combination of Hydrogen & Oxygen gas release. They say it breaks down in:


POSITIVE MODE: 4H2O + 4e- à  2H2 + 4OH-          OR

NEGATIVE MODE:  2H2O à O2 + 4H+ + 4e-.

 This is a false statement because as you can see above where we explain how really 'water electrolysis' works, the electrolysis creates at the anode water is oxidized (2H2O -----> O2 + 4H+ + 4e-) and at the cathode water is reduced: (2H2O + 4e- -----> 2H2 + 4OH- )


END RESULT OF ALL FOOTBATH ELECTROLYSIS PROCESS: The overall effect from the footbath electrolysis will always breakdown in to 2H_2 0 =  2H_2 + O_2 (details click here from American Chemical Society  

                               Click to view Water Electrolysis Process




DC CURRENT: : click here for source


DC CURRENT: click here for source

































Water Electrolysis:









The harmful positive ion (kation) is a particle that loses an electron. The healthful negative ion (anion) gains an electron in the valency orbit; that is it increases the ability to absorb and utilize oxygen and reduces any excess of harmful serotonin.

These two small invisible electrified particles have an effect on our physical and mental well-being and we are constantly bombarded with negative and positive ions (eg. polluted air). The negative ions make us feel good, they destroy harmful bacteria. The positive ions make us feel bad (TV. screen produces positive ions). 

If the positive ions occur naturally in sufficient numbers, for instance during the onset of the commonly known hot and dry desert winds, the winds cause depression, nausea, insomnia, irritability, lassitude, migraine, asthma attacks, and also affect the normal function of the thyroid glands. Biochemically speaking, the body becomes exhausted and this can lead to an increase in accidents, violent crime and suicides. These can be counteracted with the beneficial negative ions.

Negative Ions are the good ions. Positive ions are depleting. You want negative ions NOT positive ions. The units on the market that claim their machine can create more negative ions or positive ions depending on which mode the unit is set too is not only inaccurate but why would you want positive ions?

To read further click here

Negative Ion Report: The CBS Nightly News, Feb 14, 1995




We (OPTIMUM FOCUS) have built both performance and safety into our newest generation of machines:

  • The Power supply design uses state-of-the-art regulator technology (unlike Transformer Rectifier [TR] technology from the 1960s that many other manufacturers employ)

  • The use of a regulator makes the unit safer; TR technology, on the other hand, can malfunction and cause ripples and spikes or static interference

  • A dual regulation system, featuring:

  • a switching regulator with over-current and over-voltage protection

  • adjustable regulator with fold-back circuit when the Optimizer is out of the electrolyte (does not blow a fuse)

  • the first stage delivers a voltage of 24vdc, and the second stage an adjustable voltage of .5vdc to 22.5vdc

  • Clean power (pure DC power without excessive ripple) produced by the switching regulator

  • Higher power (from 10 to 16 volts), which translates to creating more negative ions for cleansing and more ability to draw toxins from the body

  • OPTIMUM FOCUS machines operate as high as 3.0 AMPs for the standard model and 5.5 AMPs for the professional model; because the units operate at higher amps, they produce a more powerful footbath which translates to more negative ions.

  • Full digital current display with large, easy to adjust knobs

  • Adjustable current control for a variety of external variables (no other unit allows you to do this):

  • Differences in human skin resistance

  • Differences in the water used

  • Differences in the electrolyte/electrolysis 

  • Safe construction through three levels of safety protection: a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows; and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit

  • We have a chassis ground for all internal assemblies to stop any voltage potential ever being on the case.   (no need for a GFI certification)

  • An Optimizer water module that lasts for an average of 60 footbaths and then is completely disposable without the need to replace separate parts

  • Components used in the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine are UL rated and CE approved, and the wiring and connectors are also CSA approved

  • Investment in quality construction materials that costs more to build the OPTIMUM FOCUS machines, but assures a high quality, safe and durable product.

  • OPTIMUM FOCUS machine costs more to build due to the quality of the parts. Other units out in the market are produced for under $100 dollars then are sold from $495 up to $1900. 

  • OPTIMUM FOCUS Engineer team has over 40 years experience working with power supplies.  These range from TR units to the cigarette pack sized power supplies producing 30,000vdc that are sitting on the moon and beyond. 

  • Most units on the market are using a Transformer Rectifier (TR) concept.  This is technology from the 1960’s.  Since then there have been several evolutions in the power supply technology. The OPTIMUM FOCUS unit does not use the Transformer Rectifier concept. By using qualified components and holding the output below 24vdc anywhere in the unit, the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine is ahead of the footbath industry.

Electrical Safety Issues with other units


1. Transformer paper breakdown

1.  We do not use transformers, the unit is not in the TR family

2. Malfunction can result in 110vac applied to patient

2.  The only technology that can have this malfunction is the TR technology.  The OPTIMUM FOCUS unit has two internal stages of regulation; the first stage delivers a voltage of 24vdc, the second stage delivers an adjustable voltage of 0.5vdc to 22.5vdc.  The unit has an external fuse that is visible which is a system level safety device, then an internal fuse on the inside which will shut down voltage delivered to the customer.

3. Ripple and spikes.

3. Ripple and spikes are the product of TR technology (even with full wave rectification there is still 120 pps).  The OPTIMUM FOCUS unit does not use TR technology.

4. Static Interference

4.  Another product of TR technology (it operates at the same frequency as a fluorescent light, or a harmonic thereof).  OPTIMUM FOCUS technology does not use TR technology.

5.  Switchers operate at radio frequencies. Switchers and TR are totally different technologies

5. OPTIMUM FOCUS uses switching regulation technologies, the components have UR registration








  •  Adjustable current control is imperative due to a variety of external variables:

  • Differences in human skin resistance

  • Differences in the water used

  • Differences in the electrolyte/electrolysis

  • Other units on the market (even units w preprogrammed buttons, ** explained below) DO NOT allow you to adjust the current (except our OPTIMUM unit), even the more expensive units like AMD IONCLEANSE & EB305Pro, Aqua Detox, PureCharge,etc. :

    • Controlling Amperage by adding salt is the inexpensive way (other units)

    • Controlling Amperage through the ability to adjust the current is the ideal way & costs more to build (our OPTIMUM Focus units)


    ** There are several factors that raise or lower the Amperage: current, salt, human body skin resistance, and water. If you raise the current or the salt the Amperage moves up. Other units do not allow you to adjust the current. Even if the other unit has preprogrammed buttons to select which amperage, you still are adding salt until the unit notifies you when the salt has increased the desired programmed amperage. The only way to raise the Amperage with these machines is to add more salt. This means there is a straight 24 volt current coming through since you are not able to adjust the current. If you were to add too much salt, then you either have to dilute the water or dump the water out then start over. With our machine, the salt, body and water stay constant and then you either raise or lower the current to get to the desired Amperage. Our bodies differ; there are differences in the resistance, capacitance, and inductance within each of us on a daily basis.  With the capability of adjusting the current we are able to treat the customer as an individual other than as some inert object in spite of environmental changes in the air, water and food we consume on a daily basis. To thrust a straight 24 volt current, as these other machines do, on a body is too much. It can be draining to the body.  


    Our OPTIMUM Focus machine allows you to have full control over the Amperage through adjusting the current. Any footbath unit that is small in size cannot deliver the power we can. They are not adjustable to the users needs (meaning current), none of them have both the fold back and a fuse on the output delivered to the user for safety reasons. We have the adjustable power supply that is capable of 150 watts and has an output of 2.5 to 23 volts. This can not fit in to a smaller package unless their cost is at least $1500. No footbath on the market is using this because it costs too much. The technology to be able to control the current will not fit in to a small box.

  You want to CONTROL AMPS via  CURRENT not by SALT  


OPTIMUM FOCUS units are the most powerful machines on the market:  Most of the units out in the market operate only as high as 1.4 to 2.5 AMPS. OPTIMUM FOCUS standard models run as high as 3.00 AMPS & our new OPTIMUM FOCUS ES8000i Professional runs as high as 5.5 AMPS.

  Above 2.5 Amps


OPTIMUM FOCUS units run at 10,000 Hertz and NOT 60 Hertz: - Most of the units out in the market operate at 60 hertz which is a resonant frequency of a healthy heart, thus they have some potential danger.  OPTIMUM FOCUS units run at 10,000 Hertz which when graphed is a smooth line vs. a spike lined graph of 60 Hertz.

If you plot the 60 cycle and the 60 hertz signals you will see that they have common points sixty times in a minute.  This is the point of resonance that could cause a reaction.  The easiest way for the public to envision this is to think of sound.  Ever use the quiet, sound cancelling devices?  They are used on airplanes and sometimes promoted for use in your home.  They work with something often called ‘white noise’ which means it has enough frequencies and harmonics to cancel the sound before it gets to your ear drums.  Harmonics cancel sound.  I do not know what the direct risk is of harmonics cancelling a heartbeat, and do not plan to find out with any of our users. 

  10,000 HZ.


OPTIMUM FOCUS units’ generate IONS at a higher VOLTAGE - Other machines produce ions around 300-400 milliV (or 0.400 volts), very low voltage. OPTIMUM FOCUS runs 35 times higher than this. Depending on the amps being ran during a session, as an example 1.6 amps (only 1/2 the full power of our machine), the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine would be around 14 to 15 volts, again 35 times higher. The OPTIMUM FOCUS standard machine runs as high as 3.00 Amps & the OPTIMUM FOCUS ES8000i runs as high as 5.5 Amps there by the ion voltage would be even higher. A client would barely feel anything at a .400 v (the other machines). Their electrodes (water module) would last much longer because they are doing less work. When trying to cure anything that has had an adverse effect on the body, do we want to cleanse it at the same rate as the toxin build up?  A 50 year old person would have to take footbaths for 50 years to neutralize the accumulated toxins.  At the age of 100, who cares?


# of IONS produced in bath

We have had independent labs test our bath water against other footbaths machines and we far out produce the number of ions in the water. This is due to several reasons: we run more current through our water module, higher power, and a faster cubic per meter rate (meaning that our machine processes the water at a faster rate). *test results coming soon  

Cost  of construction

Most vendors produce their unit at a cost under $100 dollars then sell them for $495 up to $1900. Ours costs significantly more for better quality without pricing our machine accordingly. We price our units moderately. Other units on the market range from $200-$3600    

Water module (electrode)

OPTIMUM Focus Water Module:

 Construction and Function (many advanced features):

  • Our connections are metallurgical other than mechanical, we will not have any disconnects as a result of bending, pulling or and differences in the coefficient of expansion from different temperatures,

  • Advanced surface design and round metal rings to enhance the ionic osmosis process; the Optimizer generates ions about 35 times higher than the average footbath

  • Welded connections for stronger conductivity

  • Use of 100% copper construction and 318 stainless steel for the rings

  • Clean power supply and discharge, producing more negative ions

  • Disposable after using the Optimizer for an average of ~60 or more baths, so there is no need for cumbersome manual replacement of individual components (plates, rings, or clips)

  • The unique construction of the Optimizer includes electrodes (metal rings) made of copper and stainless steel. The center ring is an electronic shield made of copper, a material of proven durability used in the electronic and space/missile programs. The Optimizer is constructed so that it has the longest possible circuit for the corona action (electricity jumping from one electrode to another) that produces the ions. There are two sets of rings, with each set having one cathode and two anodes, for a total of six rings. The two sets provide a long electronic field for the corona activity to take place. The rings (cathodes and anodes) are spaced and staggered to promote a fast, strong, and consistent discharge process for maximum corona effect.

  • Our new water module is disposable after ~60 (more or less) baths.. Other companies claim 50-100 baths. This is because they are running less current through the water module to get more baths. We focus on quality & not quantity. If we run less current through our water module then we could easily get a 100 & something baths.

In a nutshell, here is the way the Optimizer functions from a technical standpoint: Through the process of electrolysis (separating elements by passing an electronic current through them) chemical reactions occur at the electrodes (cathodes/anodes). The corona discharge path travels from the cathodes to the anodes; this release of metal from the cathode (positive) plate to the anode (negative) plate is called “plating.” Each electrode attracts ions that are of the opposite charge. Positively-charged ions (called cations) move towards the cathode, and negatively-charged ions (anions) move toward the anode.

  • The cathodes, which erode, are designed for optimum thickness before they are depleted, thus enhancing the life of the Optimizer. Overall, the Optimizer is designed to deliver a maximum amount of power at minimum cost due to the design and materials used in construction

 Comparison of replacement rings module vs.  our disposable module

  • The machines that use disposable rings for their water module get an average of 14 baths between replacements. We more than double the ring thickness to get an extended life. This makes more than 4 times 14 which is more than 50 baths. Then we recognized that people vary so we hung a plus/minus 4 on that to make the range from 50 to 60 baths per unit. At $105 each for the OPTIMUM FOCUS water module, the per footbath cost range from $1.75 to $2.10.

  • The replacement ring modules actually come out to be more expensive than our disposable module. The cost of the replacement ring water module comes to $3.74 per foot bath compared to our $3.54. This was calculated by determining the total cost of the replacement ring water element, rings, cables, etc that would have to be replaced in a one year time frame, then dividing it by about 90 footbaths in a year.

  round rings

Protection Mechanism

  • Safe construction through three levels of safety protection:

  • a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current;

  • an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows;

  • and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit

  • We have a chassis ground for all internal assemblies to stop any voltage potential ever being on the case.   (no need for a GFI certification). Others have such things as GFI connectors and they are not even hooked up inside the unit. 

  • Others do not have protection so that if their water element comes out of the water it blows a fuse or the machine turns off. 



  • The OPTIMUM Copper Footbath Tub is the prefered tub over a plastic tub. The copper material is a conductor which increases the volumn of electrons (current) increasing the benefits of the detox treatment. Not only do you get more treatments with the OPTIMUM FOCUS water array since  copper's conductive powers reduce the need of current to raise the amperage.

  • Another benefit of using the Copper tub is copper's healing frequencies. Wearing copper on the body is used for healing.

  • The OPTIMUM Copper tubs are hand crafted with 100% copper metal that contains 0% beryllium. Beryllium is a known carcinogen creating the greenish patina, so polishing is not necessary.

  • The typically used Plastic detox footbath tubs are not conductive material so as the current moves from the water array the current dissipates. The copper tub amplifies the current flow.




  • Himalayan Salt is our preferred choice due to the natural crystalline form and how the body metabolizes it so easily. Normal Table Salt has lost its natural form since it has been processed.

  • EPSON Salt: Epson salt is not a salt. It is magnesium so there for you loose the osmosis process.

  Himalayan Salt, a natural salt w trace minerals



A wristband is used to ground the detox footbath unit by grounding it to the body! Scary and cheaply made. Used as a marketing gimmick by stating it is used 'work on the upper body' or  ‘ completes the circuitry’.

Wrist bands are used to stop the damage of CMOS units.  Most detox footbath units sold today use  Transformer Rectifier (TR) electronics which doesn't use CMOS. Static occurs, for example when we walk & is amplified when wearing nylon.  Wrist bands conduct the static electricity from the body preventing the charge going to the CMOS unit.  If not then the electrical static charge will destroy the CMOS circuits instantly or causes a slow deterioration until the complete failure. 

Some of the conductive wristbands may require a liquid to be applied to the skin for added conductivity depending on the quality of the wristband.

 Most circuit designers "know their stuff" and design the circuits such that the input and output pins of the integrated circuits are connected into circuitry such that they are buffered from outside forces.  Our units have the proper buffering so that stray voltages cannot and do not reach the components that can be affected by static.  In addition the care of our unit is electrically connected to earth ground, this will direct any stray charge that even gets to the case to ground and protect the components as well.

The wristband is clearly marketed as a gimmick.  Do you where wristbands when using a computer or cellular phones? No so then why do you need grounding for a detox footbath? 

What matters in a footbath process is the production of ions mingling with the body. Our units  DON'T have WRISTBANDS since we use  a chassis ground for all internal components stopping any potential voltage.

NO WRISTBAND .. our units are grounded



It has been stated by various companies that the water colors relate to different organ cellular waste and other body parts. We do not support this analysis of water. There is no scientific data supporting this analysis & some colors can appear without a body. Not all impurities can be seen with the naked eye just as you cannot see the impurities in water. In order to prove that this process does pull out impurities, we have preformed control tests (click here for test results ) showing that heavy metals exist in the water after the 35 minute bath & also encapsulated on the water modules' rings. When water samples are tested by labs we need to specify what to test for & since the range of impurities a body may contain are too many to specify, we decided to focus on heavy metals. At minimum this proved that particles are moving out of the body.

More important than the color change is an oily substance on the surface thereby indicating energy being produced (called EMASS by researchers) and the change in color of the urine caused by the release of toxins & stimulation & elimination of the lymphatic system.

With different water conditions your OPTIMUM FOCUS unit will not necessarily cause color changes in the water; however, the very process of electrolysis of the water causes color changes in the water.. this is called oxidation (which is mainly the orange color, not joints as what is stated in the color charts).  The interaction of the OPTIMUM FOCUS water module with the City added chemicals can cause quite a discoloration in the water.  It must neutralize those chemicals and energize the water.  Some sediment is seen depending upon the amounts of solids that are inherent in water to begin with.  The final result has to do with the health of the person being treated.  This will then determine the water color change. 


ü  Shopping for Footbath


    1. What is the amperage? (details?)
      answer: min of 3 Amps
    2. How high is the watts? (details?)
      answer: ~150 w for professional use, 60w for home use
    3. Are you able to manually adjust the amps via the adjusting the current or is amps only adjusted by adding salt? (details?)  answer: amps needs to be controlled by adjusting the current and not by adding salt
    4. Is Polarity Single or Dual? (details?)  answer: single
    5. Does the detox footbath unit provide a protection mechanisms? (details?)
    6. Is the control unit separate from the tub or built in?    answer: don't want built in to tub that way you can use also in a bath tub or pedi chair.
    7. Is the detox footbath tub plastic? (details?
      a copper tub is ideal since it is conductive where plastic is not
    8. If the water array has copper, make sure it is 100% copper... most copper has beryllium which causes the green discoloration (details?)
      100% pure copper, beryllium is a carcinogen
    9. Do you have to manually replace the plates? answer: ideally plates permanently connected
    10. How many sessions per water array? (details?)
    11. Does the footbath have the water array built in?  answer: separate so you can use in any type of  tub .. even a bath tub
    12. How does the water array get cleaned and disinfected? answer: need access to array plates for removing mineral & toxins ..
    13. Does the detox footbath unit have a wristband that must be connected to the body for the unit to run? (details?
      NO wristband. The unit not only is grounding the unit using your body but it is also not safe.
    14. What type of salt is recommended: processed salt, such as table salt, or a high grade non-processed salt with trace minerals? (details?
      a high non-processed grade salt














·  5.5 Amps,

·  10,000 HZ

·   ES1500 (60 w); ES8000 (150 w); ES9800 (300 w: 2 x 150W each side ),

·   10-16 volts power supply

·   Output up to 24 volt DC

·   All of our units are both 110V-220V, work anywhere in the world

·   1.4 Amps

·   60 HZ

·   ?? watt (not disclosed)

·   8 volts power supply

·   Output 20 volt DC

·   110V only

·   2.5 AMPs,

·   60 HZ

·   400 watts ** this is false

·  ?? Volt power supply (not disclosed)

·  110V-220V (are separate machines for 110V or 220V)

·   2.5 Amps

·   60 HZ

· ?? watt (not disclosed)

· ?? volt (not disclosed)

· Output ?? volt DC (not disclosed)

·   110V only

· 110V-220V (are separate machines)


Single(see why?)

Dual **











·   Disposable, no manual replacement of rings, welded meteorological connection for better conductivity vs slide in coil connectors

·   Circular 7 plates (stainless steel & 100% copper w no beryllium)  

·   Cost $85,

·   50-60 baths(**note: since we run more current through our water module thereby more ions are being produced we are more effective. If we run less current through our module we could easily get a 100 baths).

Square & slide in plates w a coil connection (less conductivity w coil connectors), replacement rings $80

Disposable, only 2 rings (less corona effect), cost is $90

The Aquachi rings get an average of 14 baths. We doubled the ring thickness to get an extended life (2x14=28 baths). People vary so we hung a plus/minus 4 on that to make the range from 24 to 32 baths per unit. At $85 each for the Optimizer, the per footbath cost range from $2.47 to $3.29.

Our comparison showed that the cost of the AquaChi was $3.74 per footbath. This was calculated by determining the total cost of the water element, rings, cables, etc to be replaced in a 1 year time frame, then dividing it by about 90 footbaths in a yr.


3 yrs

1 yr

4 yrs

5 yrs


OPTIMUM FOCUS has built both performance and safety into our newest generation of machines (refer to

Not much information disclosed

Not much information disclosed

It is using a Transformer Rectifier concept technology which is a technology from the 1950s/60s. This technology also produces a higher EMF leakage


Digital display






$1350 Single Professional, $1995 (Dual) Professional





Refer to the Section 6.2 Key Selling Points & Chapter 4) to get detailed information on our footbath units & to better understand the differences

The AMD IonCleanse promotes a dual reversible polarity machine based on someone's PH level.  This reversing of polarity releases the positively entrapped heavy metal ions that are collected on the cathodes within the water element which can go back in to the body. The polarity has no effect on the body's PH. Our machine does not switch polarity which releases the impurities from the positive (anode) plates & releasing them. The body's PH begins to balance out naturally from the OH- because the body is cleansing itself of the impurities not due to the process of reversing the polarity of the plates. Unless the water is physically extracted at the anode or cathode you can not alter the PH.

Only goes as high as 1.4 AMPS. There is no welded connector for the plates in the water module, they are slide in, there by the conductivity is not as strong as if it were welded. It runs at 60Hz frequency. They state they have FCC approval. This is a rating for radio communications from the Federal Communications Commission to see if there is any radio interference (why?). 

FALSE statement- You can’t have a 400 watt power. Footbath power supplies operate with an AC input and they consume power from where they are plugged into the wall From the wall you get 117 VAC (volts AC).  The outputs are DC.  The following is relative to the output of the electronics boxes.  We can produce up to 24 VDC (volts dc) and deliver 6.25 amps, the formula for determining Power (measured in watts) is P=IE (I is the current expressed in amps, E is the voltage expressed in volts)


P = I E

P = 6.25 x 24

P = 150 watts



The Aqua Chi only goes as high as 2.5 AMPs. It is using a Transformer Rectifier concept technology which is a technology from the 1950s/60s. The water module requires manual replacement of the plates using a coil connecter which is not a strong as a welded connection. The unit is large & heavy. The AMP reading is analog reading not digital. It runs at 60Hz frequency.

YES at home Yes but at a training facility No No



BBS - Body Balance System


B.E.S.T Energy Spa

Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox 


The BBS is a low amperage system with no ability to control current.

·   No ability to control current

·   Low Amperage

·   Water module is square shaped plates that do not create the same corona effect as the ring design

·   Low current delivered to water module for a lower cubic per meter rate reducing ORP

·   Plastic tub (no conductivity)


EB305/EBPro: The EBPro is battery operated & needs charging. The highest voltage of ion being produced is only about .4 volts (approximately 1/2 a volt). Our machine running just at 1.5 Amps generates approximately 14-15 volt ion. That is about 14-15 times higher. Our Optimum ES8000i Professional footbath runs as high as 5.5 Amps so the voltage of ion goes up as you move up in amperage.

·   No ability to control current

·   Dual Polarity

·   Low Amperage

·   Low current delivered to water module for a lower cubic per meter rate reducing ORP

·   Water module is a tube inside a tube reducing the corona effect. (less ions/ ORP)

·   Need to charge battery to operate

·   Plastic tub (no conductivity)


BEST uses a old analog Transformer fuse box (technology from the 50s.

Refer to the Aquachi system comparison since these 2 systems are very similar.

The AquaDetox is a low amperage system with no ability to control current.

·   No ability to control current

·   Dual Polarity

·   Low Amperage

·   Water module is built in to tub, not able to place in full bath tub

·   Low current delivered to water module for a lower cubic per meter rate reducing ORP

·   Plastic tub (no conductivity)

·   Cheap water module with low conductivity due to slide in plates with a coil connector. This is a typical water module produced in china.









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  • ** explains in great detail 'technically' how the footbath process works and theory of operation, listing educational sources to back up this process,  

  • key concepts, what is electrolysis, what is amperage/ volts/watts/currents, what are ions, what is PH & what that means to the body, what is osmosis, & more

  • how the body detoxes in three phases in great detail, channels of elimination, and 'how' the ions & the ionized footbath water interact with the body,

  • how to run your footbath business both as a Practitioner & Distributor, how to properly give a footbath and what to avoid, how to keep in line with regulations,

  • how to talk to your customers, how to explain the process, answers to frequently asked questions from your customers & you as a practitioner

  • how to advertise and sources of advertising

  • how to sell footbath sessions as Practitioner, how to sell footbath units as Distributor, how to truly compare footbath units (apples to apples instead of apples to oranges), how to run a booth at tradeshow or health fairs

  • research, benefits, testimonials

  • debunking the misnomers both 'within' the industry & outside,

  • needed Practitioner Forms

  • and much much more.

  • Upon completion of the manual, you will mail back the 'take home' Exam. Once  the exam has been reviewed , a Certificate will be mailed to you.

** Note: we do not give blanketed general statements how this process works as you see on websites.. This training manual goes to a whole another level giving you more technical details using scientific data where you will have a better understanding of the ionic footbath process.


For a complete information regarding technical product data, ordering information, and support literature, just call our office at 1.888.874.0944, or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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