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We carry a remarkable line of lifestyle-supporting products promoting optimum health, vitality and longevity:


The family of OPTIMUM FOCUS machines is the latest in energetic detox footbath and foot detox technology


(Home & Professional use)





RIFE BCX-ULTRA®  Frequency Therapy - rife machine technology stimulating the body's natural healing by exposing pathogens to frequencies not harming healthy tissue. Based on 80 yrs of research & development, this rife frequency technology may be used for experimental & research dealing with pathogens, autoimmune diseases (ie. Arthritis, Lupus), Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Herpes, Infections, Lyme disease, Depression, Organ deficiencies, Fibromyalgia, & many other health related issues. (Home & Professional use) 



DPL- LED Panels

DPL™ Therapy - Deep Penetrating Light Therapy

(stimulates body's collagen growth) DPL LED & Infrared treatment is a non-invasive treatment to reduce noticeable ageing appearances like fine lines & wrinkles.
(Home & Professional use)


TURBOSONIC®  patented technology increases metabolism, healing, fat loss, increases oxygen absorbtion, circulation, lymphatic & cellular waste movement. (10 min, 250 calories, 1% fat loss)






VIBRATRIM®  – ’Aerobic Vibration Exercise’ is a different way to exercise. This device takes the power of spin energy and converts it into a seesaw movement so one can do intensive exercises.  (Burns fat & calories)





The jewelry collection of EXOTIC AMBER with healing power. Amber has the power to draw disease from the body. Amber can absorb negative energy and help the body to heal itself.





GIA Technology offers a suite of products designed to help you deal with external stressors like Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) radiation.. ie. Cell Phones!








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