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Curing is treating and making an attempt to eliminate solely the syndromes. Healing is exposing cause to result a long-lasting healing. Our purpose is to produce therapies, techniques and tools to heal and balance.


We carry a remarkable line of lifestyle-supporting products promoting optimum health, vitality and longevity. Keep in balance with our Bioenergy Therapy products Optimum Focus Detox Foot baths, MPS Far Infrared Radiant Heat therapy Saunas, TURBOSONIC & BodyRex Vibrational Sound therapy, DPL LED, RIFE BCX-ULTRA machine  and BIOPRO (EMF protection) products.


On our site you'll find ion foot cleanse options: reviews of ionic footbaths, ionic detoxification foot soak machines, ion foot spa detox business opportunities, explanation of how ion cleanse works and a host of top products and supplies for your foot bath and spa needs.