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WHAT IS MPS Active Carbon Fibers™?

'the FIR diamond fiber panel'

The base of the MPS products is the diamond fiber panels called Active Carbon Fibers™. MPS is the only product with this carbon diamond panel technology and is 7 yrs ahead of the other far infrared products. The diamond panels are the heating source and conductor, thereby NO metal or wiring is used. Each panel is hand made with white gold & spun diamond fibers. The diamond fibers, when heated, resonates the frequency of the diamond carbon crystal fibers which is made of a higher form of carbon crystal vs the carbon charcoal panels other companies use. Others products use either carbon charcoal, ceramic encased incoloy coil, incoloy rod, or ceramic incoloy rod as the base of their heating source. MPS is different from other far-infrared heating devices, which need some form of conductive materials commonly used are metal plates/rods/bits or wires as the conductive material.

Pure Far-infrared by Active Carbon Fibers™ delivers ultimate soothing warmth throughout your entire body. Each carbon fiber emits bio-genetic waves of far-infrared across most of the internal arch surface of the dome as it gets excited with an electric current. It feels soft, relaxing, pleasant, and refreshing, which you might not have experienced from any other heat source yet.

** We use NO WIRING, NO METAL PLATES, NO EMISSION of GASES, NO HARMFUL EMF, NO LIQUID ORGANIC CARBON... just PURE ACTIVE CARBON FIBERS (Diamond Crystals) .. this acts as the conductor as well as the heat source.

What is Far Infrared Radiant Heat?

The nature of living creatures

Imagine someone in an airport in Europe is smoking and you are located far apart from the smoker. Although you and the smoker are located at a distance, you desire a seat farther away from the smoker as soon as you begin smelling the smoke. Or you might want to move away from the spot to find fresher air. Let’s say that the area where you were sitting was 50,000 cubic feet. Although there is a cigarette smoking, you still had fresh air since the space was large enough to dilute such a small pollutant, especially with a large capacity air conditioning system running at the airport. However, what would have happened if you still remained at the original seat while the cigarette was burning nearby? You breathe in less air ‘unconsciously’. That is the human nature. Whenever you face an unfavorable situation, whether you recognized it or not, you react against it or avoid it, either consciously or unconsciously. This is how we are programmed to maintain our health and to improve it.

Conduction and convection are uncomfortable to the human body

The same concept applies to our temperature-sensing system, as well. To better understand it, we need to discuss a little bit about heat. There are three elements in heat. One is conduction, another is convection, and the other is radiation. These three exist at the same time in most cases in our environments. In other words, whenever there is heat, there are these three components. Conduction is a heat transfer phenomena between molecules by direct contacts. Convection is the movement of the mass of gas or liquid by earning or losing energy. Radiation, or radiant heat in this case, is the heat that travels in space with the speed of light. In other words, it is a light that has heat. We call this particular spectrum of light ‘infrared’. Conduction energy feels very intense because it is molecular vibration caused by a direct contact to a hot surface. To protect ourselves, our sensing system is particularly sensitive to conductive energy. For instance, if you touch a metal plate above 120?, you immediately respond by pulling your hand away from the plate to prevent it from being burned. Convection makes it unpleasant to breathe the warm air in, especially when the heated air flows with dusts or other impurities while it circles up and down. Radiant heat, on the other hand, is very favorable to the human body since it does not involve the movement of air or noise, nor does it require direct contact for the delivery of its energy. That is the reason the sun has been the one-and-only source of energy over all living creatures that have existed on earth. In short, humans, like other living creatures on earth, prefer radiant heat versus conductive or convective heat.

MPS Far-Infrared Technology minimizes Conduction and Convection

MPS Far-Infrared Technology delivers maximized radiant energy by minimizing conduction and convection energy. This has been possible by using ultra-thin carbon fibers that are evenly distributed on a large surface. The fine carbon fibers result in very little heat capacity which produces minimal conductive and therefore convective energy.

Humans are far-infrared emitters

However, this is not all. Eliminating conduction and convection from a heat source does not provide a perfect solution. Modern science found that the human body radiates a specific spectrum which is called far-infrared (4-1000 microns). By being a far-infrared emitter, the human body better responds towards it and utilizes the energy by absorbing it. For instance, it is scientifically known that many proteins that exist in our body are excited when exposed to far-infrared (Dr. Alfons Schulte, Department of Physics and Cresol – Center for Research and Education in Optics & Lasers at University of Central Florida). In reverse, it is also the reason why the human body radiates far-infrared.

MPS is 'PURE' Far Infrared Technology?

So, we can conclude that eliminating other than far-infrared from an infrared emitter is crucial in order to deliver energy to human the body efficiently. That way, we can avoid being bothered by those impurities such as near (0.75-1.5 microns) and mid-infrared (1.5 – 4microns). It is the same idea as eliminating smokers from a public place in order not to be bothered by their cigarette smoke. MPS Far-Infrared Technology successfully achieved this by understanding modern physics theories and applying them in its development mental stage. As you can see from the graph below, which was researched and prepared by an authoritative research institute (Hokkaido Research Institute) in Japan, the Active Carbon Fibers™  Panel does not emit anything other than far-infrared. Notice that the curve starts from 4 microns and peaks at 8.5 microns. Human body radiation also starts from 4 – 5 microns and peaks at 10. There are no mid or near infrared from either MPS Active Carbon Fibers™ or from the human body. Most of, if not all, other infrared emitters, emit shorter wavebands including mid, near-infrared, or even some visible spectrums.

 Graph 1.1 -  Far-infrared Micron levels of MPS Active Carbon Fibers™

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Graph 1.2 - Temperature Rise effects of the MPS Active Carbon Fibers™

"Comparison of temperature rise characteristics between carbon fiber & nichrome wire. Compared to nichrome wire, carbon wire exhibits faster temperature rise and higher heating efficiency due to its inherent electrical properties."

To summarize, Active Carbon Fibers™  Technology minimizes conduction and convection energy, while emitting pure far-infrared. Therefore, the technology delivers the most pleasant warmth towards the human body that can supplement fundamental energy that is necessary to our lives. On the next page, you will find more about how the increased fundamental energy from far-infrared can contribute to our health. You will learn more about the various healthcare applications of far-infrared.

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Proven safety

Active Carbon Fibers™ have been used in hundreds of luxury commercial saunas internationally during last 5 years. Among more than 20,000 Active Carbon Fibers™ that have been running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there has not been even a single failure or maintenance issue so far. And all of the original Active Carbon Fibers   are running today with new ones added continuously.



EMF Report#1


These charts show that there is no harmful EMF radiation from our Active Carbon Fiber heat panels. In fact, the testing staff mentioned that there are no differences whether the power was on or off. However, there can be some EMF detection from the controller part, but it is well below the range considered harmful.






The CISPR 14-1 standard test results show both the heating element (dark color) and controller (light color) are far under the regulation that is specified as a line(s) on the two pictures. 1 picture shows the measure from 150000 Hz to 30 MHz and the other shows from 30 MHz to 1 GHz. CISPR 14-1 is the Electromagnetic Compatibility-Requirements for Household Appliance, Electric Tools, and Similar Apparatus-Part 1:Emissions. This standard applies to the conduction and radiation of radio-frequency (RF) disturbances from appliances whose main function is performed by motors and switching or regulatory devices. Covers equipment such as household electrical appliances, electric tools, regulating controls employing semiconductor devices, motor-driven electro medical apparatus, electric toys, automatic dispensing machines and cinema or slide projectors. From  






Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment



MPS™ Far Infrared systems have been tested and approved by the following Safety Agencies:

CE Certified

The CE Mark is a requirement for products sold to the European Market. The CE Mark identifies a product as complying with the health and safety requirements spelled out in European legislation and is mandatory for equipment operating in the European Union (EU).

CE & ISO9001 certification from the European Medical equipment standard which is the most stringent in the world.

EMC Certified

This Mark incorporates European, Japanese, U.S. and Australian electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and provides an easily identifiable declaration that a product meets the EMC regulations of these markets. The International "emc-Mark" provides visible proof to regulatory officials of your commitment to quality, along with compliance with the EMC directive.

UL Certified

This is one of the most common UL Marks. If a product carries this Mark, it means UL found that representative samples of this product met UL's safety requirements. These requirements are primarily based on UL's own published Standards for Safety.

FDA Certified

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable; and helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health.

MPS has received FDA approval as medical devices.

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